About us

Our Journey

In Wellington we started our first portable building company, we specialised in 10sqm cabins, even before Trade Me we still managed to sell over 100 units a year. Now everyone does 10sqm cabins- we were the first company manufacturing them and they were transported all around nz.



A lot of people had started companies building and renting the 10sqm cabins ($50p/wk etc) and the market was flooded very quickly, so we started a new generation of portable buildings - on trailers! Trailers are classified as a caravan. These were a hit overnight, everyone loved them. Now you will see a lot of Trailerised portable Homes advertised, the trailer design was designed by us but because they were so popular a lot of people copied our original designand (and still do) as they were sold all over nz.


We had two factories producing portable buildings in Auckland and Wellington.


Christchurch had the awful natural disaster, the earthquakes and needed temp accommodation fast, so we established another factory there. 


We sold our Christchurch and Wellington businesses and moved to Auckland. We did 3 years in Auckland and produced over 200 buildings.


We are now based in Whangarei (the beautiful winterless north) and are here to stay manufacturing beautiful portable buildings. No one knows more about tiny homes than us, we haven't just been " builders" for the last 20 years , we have lived and breathed portable buildings and quite simply are leaders in this field.
You can rest assured your portable building has been designed and built to the highest standard, as there is no learning curves with us. There probably isn't a colour, shape or size we haven't built. We are passionate about what we do, so get in touch and let's see what we can do for you.